• Got A Cracked Tooth? See A Dentist Right Away!
    Life can be quite stressful, and many of us have a variety of coping mechanisms. One common tension reliever is damaging our oral health in the form of teeth grinding Read more
  • A Dentist Is Your Partner In Excellent Oral Health
    A mouth’s many components team up to perform imperative tasks. This valuable orifice is a very busy place, which, unfortunately, makes it susceptible to glitches and the occasional misfortune. The office Read more
  • Teeth Stains Have Names
    Americans are known around the world for their healthy and attractive teeth. Our standards are higher than those in other countries, and many of us work hard to sport sparkling Read more
  • Does Oral Health Affect Overall Health? You Bet!
    The human body is a complex system in which everything is interconnected. From head to toe, what affects one area of your body influences one or more other areas. The Read more
  • Is Tongue-Scraping Worthwhile? Ask Our Dentist
    Admittedly, tongue scraping does not have a pleasant sound to it. In fact, it sounds uncomfortable at best! But as our friendly dentist at LaSalle Family Dental explains, it’s a Read more
  • New Shapes Bring You More Self-Confidence
    Do you dislike your smile because your front teeth have minor alignment issues? Do the issues bother you to the extent that they reduce your self-confidence in your social, personal Read more
  • Your Teeth by the Numbers
    Everyone knows about teeth, but not everyone knows all there is to know about their choppers. One reason is that there are many aspects to our pearly whites, from baby Read more
  • Healthy Teeth Look Good at Any Age
    It’s important to take excellent care of your teeth and gums no matter how old you are. But as with the rest of your body parts, age can take a Read more
  • Holiday Dos and Don'ts
    The holidays are filled with opportunities to share the joy of the season with our family and friends. And when those gatherings take place around the table, there are bound Read more

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